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Also known as Fasthawk, soapstone carvings are his passion.

Born and raised in Toronto. In 1963 he moved to Burleigh Falls where he became involved in the production of various Native garments and items while at the same time practicing soapstone carving.

While he enjoyed learning the skills and techniques that are required to hand make such daily items, Todd discovered that his true passion for Native Art was indeed soapstone carving. In 1968 Todd managed to be accepted by the Queens York Rangers Militia. During the same time Todd also enrolled at Brockton High trade school where he completed many courses, some of which were geared towards machinery/mechanics, sheet metal and wielding. 

From 1968 to 1991 Todd owned and operated a few businesses and raised a family. After some time he decided that he wanted to resume his passion for art and was admitted to the Ontario College of Arts. 

As many artists do, Todd Longboat found himself working a few odd jobs while continuing to focus on carving as his primary goal. His passion for Native Soapstone Art will never fade. Todd Longboat's collection can be found in Canada, US, Australia.

Image1 (1).jpg

Soapstone Bear Sculpture

H: 6.5"  W: 4" L: 10"

Image2 (2).jpg

Soapstone Bear Sculpture

H: 4" W: 3.5" L: 10"

Image 3.jpg

Soapstone Bear Sculpture

 H: 4" W: 3" L: 9"

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