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Cliff Tisdell's work is in private collections in America, Canada, Germany and England, his work has been shown at: Ivan Karp's OK Harris Gallery, the Chautauqua Institution, Carnegie Hall, Eric Fischl's America Now and Here Project, the Edward Hopper House, represented by Tello Fine Art, Toronto. A graduate of Rutgers University, he  studied at the Arts Students League, the School of Visual Arts, Parsons, and the NYU Media Center. Mr. Tisdell is a regular guest speaker at libraries and art institutions across the New York metropolitan area.

lemons_oil on canvas_38x30_june 2023.jpeg

Oil on Canvas

38" x 30"


Oil on Canvas

2 Panels With Wood Trim

18" X 18"

If Only We Could Stay.png

Oil on Canvas

30" X 30"

Jackies Art 1.png

Oil on Canvas

42" X 34"

Jackies Art 2.png

Oil on Canvas With Wood Trim

18" X 24"

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